Volunteer Opportunities

In order for us to remain a tuition-free charter school and provide the learning tools our students need, we ask that each family complete 20 hours of volunteer work. We try to keep it simple and fun! 

Here are some great ways to get your volunteer hours in:

* Help in the library

* Take photographs at school events  

* Help with the newsletter and yearbook

* Help prepare resources for the classroom

* Decorate bulletin boards

* Make copies 

* Prepare resources for APTT meetings 

*Remember, donations of supplies count toward volunteer hours. For every $7.50 you spend in donations, one hour may be put towards your required 20 hours. 

You can donate online using the form HERE. Click on just the donation box and fill in how much you wish to donate to our school. Please provide student information so that you get proper credit for any donations. 

Donation List

Up coming volunteer opportunities: